Inspection of house & purchase

Make a safe home purchase - let us review and assess the home. We visit the home and the area and review the condition report, potential, etc. and based on this gives our recommendation.

Purchase agreement review and complete legal case management

Get complete control of the home purchase - we review the purchase agreement and documents. We review the purchase agreement and handle the complete legal proceedings in connection with the deal. We know legislation and everything legal in Thailand.

Real Estate Siam offers Buyer advice Services 

Below you can see our buyer advice services. We work from both "start to finish" and "single services" models. If you have any questions about what our services can do for you and your property trade - you are very welcome to call us, be called or talk to us on the chat - it's 100% free and without obligation.

We are happy to put together a specific package based on your wishes. We can be responsible for the entire process or you can choose one or more areas that we will be responsible for. Contact us for a specific price according to your wishes.

Price negotiation when buying home

Price negotiation when buying a home You can see what the home is being offered for, but what is the right price if you want to make a good home purchase? If you choose to use Feriebolig Thailand as a professional dealer and buyer's adviser, we are responsible for the price negotiation of the property and ensure you the best possible trade price for the property.

Search & Selection

We find relevant and exciting homes for you based on your requirements, wishes and priorities as well as dreams.

There is a big difference in the process depending on the type of housing, housing wishes, etc. Therefore, the price of Housing Search & Selection is also determined individually. Contact us for further information.

At Real Estate Siam, we know that it can be difficult to keep up-to-date all the time about which homes are for sale in Thailand and perhaps areas that you have not yet discovered or experienced yourself.If you have not yet found a home that you have fallen in love with, it can therefore be a great help to have Real Estate Siam be a professional buyer advisor.

At Real Estate Siam, we have extensive experience in providing professional search and selection, where we give our clients the necessary help to find the right accommodation.

We look at your requirements, wishes and dreams and select the homes that we think are relevant and exciting for you and your situation.In this way, you avoid having to update yourself with a changing housing market, while at the same time you are informed about the homes that are interesting to you.

The price for Housing Search & Selection depends on the type of housing, your housing wishes, etc.If you have already found a home yourself, then the next relevant step is an inspection and professional purchase assessment of it. Let us help you assess whether it is a potentially good purchase and a good investment.