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The best thing in the world is food

Our absolute favorite local experience almost always involves food, in one form or another. When we make trips we always stop at small authentic Thai restaurants or we find some delicious street food.

Food delights play with all our senses, whether it is smell, appearance or taste. It is also one of the easiest travel tips we can give you to have a more authentic experience, as good food in Thailand can be found EVERYWHERE and is a huge part of Thai culture.

Our tip? Ask a local you meet where they usually eat and what their favorite dish is. Chances are, you'll get some food that you've never tasted before. Even if you don't like it, it's a great way to expand your taste palette. If you don't quite feel like asking a local directly, you can visit one of the many local markets found in any medium-sized city. Take a look around the market and buy something just to try it out. Go for some Thai fruits. Thailand's national fruit, the mangosteen, is probably something you've never seen or tasted before. The hard, thick skin is inedible, but the white flesh revealed when you peel away the purple skin tastes sweet and refreshing, somewhat reminiscent of a mix between lychee, peach and pineapple. You can also try other fruits such as rambutan, dragon fruit and the famous smelly durian. It is usually a love-hate relationship, but there are countless opportunities to try new dishes and snacks.

If you want to delve even deeper into the culinary genius of the Thai people, we suggest you take a cooking class. It's the ultimate souvenir you can give yourself, as you'll learn new recipes and be able to make them at home for years to come. How about some delicious green curry, Pad Thai or Thai noodle soup?

Last but not least: street food! Are you one of those who think that the best fast food can be found at the yellow seagull? Think again, Thailand is home to what might be THE ultimate street food scene. It's cheap, tasteful and vibrant, and the capital city of Bangkok is at the center of it all. The central street food market is buzzing all day, and although there is an abundance of restaurants around, you can easily survive on street food alone. It's not just for backpackers on a tight budget, either. You'll see plenty of fancy hotels with five-star restaurants, but don't be surprised to see businessmen queuing at the street food stalls. Why?  Because it's just so crazy good! Did you know that there is a street food stall with a Michelin star in Bangkok? Jay Fai, also commonly referred to as the ''queen of street food'', received her star for her creation of the crab omelette, making her a local legend.

A good advice !!!
eat places where the Thais go. If the resturant is full of Farang and there are no Thais !!! so there must be a reason :-)

Experience the real Thailand

Surfing, diving, partying and lots of beach time. It is the picture-perfect Instagram image of Thailand, which has made it the dream holiday destination for many. It's no surprise that all of these activities land on most people's bucket list when visiting Thailand.

As with so many things, mainstream and social media have skewed our view of what a country like Thailand really stands for, as none of this is the day-to-day reality for most Thais. So should the beach and party be the goal when you travel, or do you also want to see the authentic sides of Thailand and expand your perspectives on what is truly a great country?

There is so much more than surfing on Koh Tao and diving in Phuket. Let us take you on a trip through Thailand's wild side that will stimulate all your senses!

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If you want to experience Thailand, don't hold back from asking

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