Thailand is like Paradise

Tropical sandy beaches, snorkelling among colorful fish, golden temples, vibrant cities, tribal people and jungle, rushing rivers, a fabulous cuisine and, not least, a hospitable people. Whether you are looking for culture, nature or a divine beach holiday, Thailand is one of the destinations that can offer the whole package.

On a trip to Thailand, the mystery of the East can be fully experienced: From Bangkok's overwhelming inferno of sounds and smells, to the lush jungle in Northern Thailand, to the rainbow-colored coral reef and the chalk-white sandy beaches in the south.

Thailand the land of smiles

When you travel to Thailand it is a journey to the land of hospitality, kindness and smiles. Here you feel welcome as soon as you arrive. In Thailand you will find all the ingredients to create the perfect trip. The sea is turquoise blue, the beaches are chalk white and the food is fantastic. Not to mention the shopping, which is world class.

More about Thailand

Central Thailand - City and Beach

holiday Central Thailand has both big cities and lovely beaches. Here lies Bangkok with its hectic city life and cultural attractions. Only a few hours away is the seaside resort of Hua Hin. The tropical island of Koh Chang is located in the Gulf of Thailand, surrounded by the turquoise sea.

Paradise islands in southern

ThailandSouthern Thailand has a number of destinations of different nature. What they all have in common are paradisiacal islands, beautiful nature experiences and fantastic beaches. Tourist-friendly Phuket has many options, both when it comes to beaches, activities and shopping. The province of Krabi offers both big cities and unspoiled places.

Northern Thailand and Chiang Mai

Jungle, rice fields and gastronomy far off the beaten trackThailand north of Bangkok is lush, unspoiled and authentic. The landscapes vary from lush rice paddies to dense, impassable jungle cut by brown rivers. Discover hundreds of temples and street cuisines in Chiang Mai, go trekking to Thailand's largest and most beautiful waterfall in Umphang, or explore the culinary diversity of Isaan province.