Diving and snorkeling Thailand

Thailand with snorkelling – freediving for the whole familyMany divers with family and children find that diving gets less and less space - but on the family holiday, the certified diver can easily go down to the depths, while the family stays on the surface and snorkels or goes on adventures on the beach. Thailand is the perfect country to combine your diving holiday with non-divers, the family or freedivers.

Snorkeling and diving i Thailand among the world best 

The snorkelling and diving in Thailand is among the best in the world and many of the dive sites are close to good places for snorkelling and freediving. As a snorkeler, you have a good overview of the underwater world, and you can choose for yourself what you want to dive into and look at, without having to take into account the safety rules of scuba diving. It often happens that snorkelers have swum with dolphins, manta rays and whale sharks while their scuba diving friends have unknowingly dived 20 meters below.

The Similan Island 

The Similan Islands are Thailand's best snorkeling and diving location.Here you will find the country's most beautiful underwater landscape, the best visibility and the richest wildlife. There is also a large variation between the snorkelling spots, depending on which side of the islands you are on.

The west side, which faces the open sea, consists of large granite blocks, mixed with sandy bottoms and soft corals. Here you can often see really large fish hiding among the boulders.

On the east side of the islands you will find gently sloping coral reefs and sandy bottoms, which are full of coral heads and large shoals of fish.

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Whit or whithout boat 

Snorkeling in Thailand can be divided into two categories:The places that you can reach directly from the beach, and the places that you have to sail out to by boat. Most of the time, the places you reach by boat are somewhat better, since they are more difficult to access and not so heavily used. A good snorkeling spot is characterized by shallow water where the corals are closer to the surface, preferably in calm and protected areas. If you have learned to free dive, you have a little more to choose from, as you can dive down and look at corals and fish at a greater depth - sometimes in the same places as the scuba divers.

It is not only children who snorkel and are curious enough to go below the surface. Everyone can snorkel, and if you get tired of lying on the surface, just hold your breath and dive down. Then you suddenly have a completely new challenge in front of you. Can you dive to the bottom of five meters? Did you see the stingray down there? How long can you hold your breath? Freediving is a growing sport because more and more people are discovering how beautiful it is to move weightlessly under the surface. It is neither dangerous nor difficult as long as you don't push yourself when diving. With a little practice, most people can dive down to 10-15 meters

without problems and hold their breath for up to three minutes. Real Estate Siam`s employee in Thailand is happy to help you find suitable places just for you.