Worth knowing and good travel advice.


In Thailand, you use the same plug as in Denmark - there are exceptions, however - some places use a type A plug (120 V) in the toilet.


The Thai currency is called the baht. You can withdraw them at cash machines, which are found in large numbers all over Thailand. Are you going trekking or to remote areas - e.g. to some of the smaller islands, it is a good idea to bring plenty of cash.The ATMs in Thailand also have an English menu and are easy to use. As mentioned, there are a great many of them, but if you still have difficulty finding one, look for the nearest 7eleven, which often has a vending machine attached.Visa cards are widespread in Thailand and in many places you can use Mastercard. If you want to shop in the markets or eat in the street kitchens, however, cash is necessary.


Any self-respecting hotel or guesthouse offers free wifi to their guests. In all holiday home Thailand's houses there is also Wi-Fi.
You can find free wifi in e.g. shopping centers and in many cafes.Another and popular option is to buy a SIM card with data upon arrival in Thailand. It's really cheap.

Insurance and health:

Remember to take out travel insurance (perhaps you already have one in your household insurance) – hospitalization and a visit to the doctor can be expensive. Also check whether you need vaccinations before you travel. You can looking on webside of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in your country, where you can get tips and advice for the trip.

You have any doubts before a trip to Thailand, please write to Real Estate Siam.