The train station i Hua Hin

The train station in Hua Hin was built during the reign of King Rama VI (1910-1925) and is thus one of Thailand's oldest railway stations. The special and unique building style is completely different from what we are used to seeing here in the west, and in Thailand it is considered to be the country's most beautiful..Its most striking feature is the very handsome royal "waiting pavilion" built in Thai style. The pavilion was in its time moved from Sanam Chan Palace in Nakhon Pathom province, which also happened during the reign of King Rama VI.On site you can also see an old 305 Unit Baldwin steam locomotive.

Wat Huay Mong Khon

Visit perhaps the world's largest monk statue..The sculpture, which is approx. 12 m. high and approx. 9 m wide, depicts one of the most famous Buddhist monks who lived in Thailand,

Luang Poh Tuad.It is said of the famous monk that he once turned sea water into fresh water and it is therefore believed that he had supernatural powers. This is one of the reasons why he has won so many followers who are convinced that his holiness will help them as a kind of guardian angel and protect them from personal misfortune.

The sculpture was built on the occasion of Her Royal Highness Sirikit's birthday (August, 2004).The entire Wat Huay Mongkhon area is more than 100 Rai and a virtue is made of constantly keeping the area in the best possible condition. In addition to being a "tourist destination" for Western tourists, Wat Huay Mon Khon also functions as a recreational area for the many local visitors. In that respect, the site aims to preserve the natural environment as much as possible.

Around the site there are shady pavilions where you can take a break on the comfortable benches which are also set up at almost every corner of the entire area. In addition, Wat Huay Mong Khon also houses a beautifully decorated pavilion, which is said to contain relics of the Buddha's mortal remains.

The pavilion is open to people who want to come and pray.

Real Estate Siam has created a section on Buddhism, so that there is an opportunity to familiarize yourself with it.

The Bridge over the River Kwai

Most people probably know best “The Bridge over the River Kwai” from the movie of the same name, which was made way back in 1957.The film depicts a group of British prisoners of war captured by the Japanese during World War II and the suffering they were subjected to during forced labor in connection with the construction of the bridge connecting Bangkok and Rangoon..It is estimated that up to 13,000 prisoners of war and 100,000 civilians died in connection with the construction of the Burma railway.It takes about 3 hours by car to drive to the River Kwai.

Rajabhakti Park

Rajabhakti Park is one of Hua Hin's latest attractions.

Standing in a row against a backdrop of forested hills are seven giant statues of great kings from Thai history.

An impressive sight, the bronze statues, measuring nearly 14 meters tall, honor great kings from various eras of Thai history, namely Sukhothai, Ayutthaya, Thonburi and Rattanakosin.

Each statue bears a plaque with the name of the king and reign. Rajabhakti Park was built by the army and was opened in September 2015 by King Maha Vajiralongkorn.

The large park south of Hua Hin city was developed to demonstrate the loyalty of the Thai people to the royal institution. The place is clean and well maintained.

As there is little shade around it, it can get quite hot.Drinks are sold at a stall near the car park.

Visit the park in the morning for the best photos as the sun will be facing the seven statues.

The Royal Palace - Klai Kangwong

The royal family's palaceIn his time, King Rama VII built the Klai Kangwong palace for use as a summer residence on the beach north of Hua Hin city.

The Palace itself, which was completed in 1929, is designed in a European style but with a slight twist of Spanish inspiration.To this day, Klai Kangwong is still used by the royal family, and it is said that the family actually also prefers to stay in Hua Hin. This maybe because of the milder climate and weather than in the capital Bangkok.

If you go for a walk on the beach north of Hua Hin city, there will be a part of the beach that you cannot enter as it is a private area for the Royal Family and is guarded by the military. Try possibly to notice whether there are warships at anchor off the coast. This can often be a sign that the royal family is in Hua Hin.

The beautiful palace is surrounded by beautiful gardens and has an exciting seashell museum. The museum can be visited at times of the year when the palace is not used by the royal family.When there is access to the public, it is between 09.00 in the morning and 16.00 afternoon, but inquire further in the city.

Vana Nava Waterpark

Vana Nava, Hua Hin's newest water park, is located just outside the city center and offers hours of entertainment for families and children alike.

Here you will find almost everything you can expect from a top modern international class water park. Several slides for both one or more people, a wave pool and a playground are some of the things that await you if you take a trip to Vana Nava..

Vana Nava is one of the newest "super-attractions" that have appeared in recent years in the area around Hua Hin, which in turn helps to emphasize that Hua Hin is one of the fastest growing holiday resorts in Thailand, where new things will be added, which will try to attract even more, both domestic and foreign tourists, to the city.

Moonsoon Valley 

Monsoon Valley is one of only 5 wineries in all of Thailand. Plenty of exciting wines, which can be enjoyed at the winery's restaurant or taken home.

Beautifully located vineyard. Great food and wineIn very beautiful surroundings, good service. It's a fantastic experience to sit and eat delicious food, and enjoy the beautiful view of the vineyards and the mountains while enjoying a really good glass of wine.

If you want to know more about food in Hua Hin, take a look at our website Gastronomy in Hua Hin

Located approx. 45 min. drive from Hua Hin. 

Khao Hin Lek Fai 

Khao Hin Lek Fai ( Hin Lek Fai Hill )Viewpoints have been built all around the mountain so you get some spectacular views in all different directions of Hua Hin city from the top of the mountain. This is another must-see place in Hua Hin.

Wat Khao Noi 

Hua Hin and the surrounding area has a fantastic and varied landscape. But where can you go to see Hua Hin at its best?Located throughout the city are places that offer brilliant views of Hua Hin.

Some of the most famous places include the Vana Nava Sky Bar at the Holiday Inn, the White Lotus Rooftop Bar at the Hilton Hotel and the viewpoints at Hin Lek Fai.
In addition, there are a number of temples that sit high above the city and offer stunning views of Hua Hin.

One such temple is Wat Khao Noi, which combines a spectacular giant Buddha statue with equally impressive views of downtown Hua Hin.The temple is a great place to enjoy Hua Hin's scenery, sitting on top of a hill and overlooking the city. Wat Khao Noi is accessible from Phetkasem Road via Soi 58, where you have to cross the canal road and continue straight for about 1 kilometer.

The temple is located on your right side. Failing that, just look up for the giant Buddha statue - you can't miss it.

The giant statue at Wat Khao Noi, which features a Buddha holding an umbrella over his left shoulder and a walking stick in his right hand, was built in 2014 and is meant to serve as a guardian looking out over Hua Hin. The temple itself is a lovely and peaceful place to relax while enjoying the stunning 360 degree view of Hua Hin, including across the center, out to the beach and towards Cha Am in the north and Pranburi in the south.The temple and its viewpoint are open daily to the public and there is ample parking.  Access to the temple is possible by driving directly to the parking lot at the top, alternatively you can climb the 101-step (and steep) staircase to the top of the temple and the Buddha statue .If you decide to climb the stairs to the top, you will most likely want to make use of some of the seating while you catch your breath.

Located next to the temple is a busy market, locally known as the Dinosaur Market. The market is one of the most popular in the area and opens from 10am. A great place to visit either in the early morning or late afternoon, head to Wat Khao Noi for great views, a nice breeze and a peaceful atmosphere. And be sure to check out the giant Buddha statue. One thing to note, as with all religious sites in Thailand, visitors should dress appropriately and politely when visiting Wat Khao Noi.

Khao  Ang Keb Nam Khao Tao ( khao Tao Resevior ) 

Ang Keb Nam Khao Tao (khao Tao Reservior) The late King Rama 9 initiated the idea of ​​building a reservoir for the Khao Tao community's consumption, where scarcity of fresh water was once a problem.The construction of the Khao Tao Reservoir was completed in 1963. As a result of the Royal Water Management Initiative, it has provided fresh water supply to the community and has been mitigating the problem ever since.

Surrounded by water, a pavilion in the reservoir was recently built to celebrate the late king's birthday.There are also many lovely cafes and restaurants nearby. A footpath has been made around the Reservior, so many people enjoy the area with a run or a walk in nature.If you are here anyway, you can also see the beautiful temple Wat Tham Khao Tao

Wat Tham Khao Tao 

A 10-minute drive south of Hua Hin is Khao Tao, a name that translates as Turtle Hill. Khao Tao tends to be better known to Thai tourists than foreign visitors, and with two beaches close by, an inlet, a small fishing village, some excellent local restaurants and stunning coastal views, it's easy to see why many love to come here.


Even if you're not particularly into temples, the hillside location of the temple complex at Wat Tham Khao Tao offers some stunningly beautiful views of the Gulf of Thailand with Hua Hin stretching away in the distance to the north. Definitely an experience you will be happy to experienceThe temple and various shrines here are a mix of Chinese and Thai influences with small caves and recesses containing Buddha images and carvings of other important figures such as Phra Mae Thoranee (Mother Earth).

f you don't feel like tackling the steps leading to the top of the hill, you can just relax and enjoy the sea breeze at the sala next to the turtle sanctuary. But if you've made it this far, it would be a shame not to witness the view from the top of the hill, where the giant seated Buddha image looks out to sea.There is also a standing Buddha on a lower level, and although it takes a little effort to climb the stairs all the way to the top, the view is ample reward.

If you want to know more about Temples and Buddhism, then  Real Estate Siam has made a whole section about it.

Sam Roi Yod National Park

Sam Roi Yod National Park and Prayanakhorn Cave is Thailand's first water park. See the huge cave with a temple built inside and when the sun enters the cave from the roof, it looks very beautiful. Read more about the area around Sam Roi Yod.

Pran Buri Forrest Park

A small mangrove forest park of about 3.2 km², located in Pran Buri District of Prachuap Khiri Khan Province, about 25 km south from the popular tourist destination of Hua Hin.The park is popular for its mangrove forest trekking and birds. Following a visit from the Thai royal family, the park was established as a reforestation project in 1982.The park area was partly shrimp farms, after a successful program the farms were turned into forest. The forests in the park are mainly mangrove, mixed deciduous and pine trees along the coast.

The mangrove forests are located next to the Pran Buri River, where the river reaches the Gulf of Thailand, which is consequently affected by the tides.The main attraction in the park is a kilometer long boardwalk over the mangrove forests. It is also possible to explore the forests by boat when possible. The rainy season is from May to November with the most rainfall in September to November. The rest of the year is quite dry.The forest floor in the mangroves is covered with muddy sediments formed by the tides, densely covered by horizontally growing tree roots above and below ground. This muddy habitat is an ideal place for crabs, mudskippers and shrimp. During low tide, many crabs and mudskippers can be seen from the boardwalk.

Just over 110 bird species reported from the park. There are 4 kingfisher species in the park; kingfisher, black-billed kingfisher, common kingfisher and white-throated kingfisher, these are often seen fishing for light catches in the mangroves. Of the other birds, perhaps the rarest in Thailand is the Oriental helmet. Little stint, Malayan plover, mangrove whistler, brown-headed gull, red-necked stint, common tern, great sandpipers are some of the many shore or mangrove birds that can be seen in the park. There is a watchtower along the boardwalk through the mangroves for bird watching. Long-tailed macaques and large lizards are also common in the park.

Real Estate Siam is helpful in making trips to the area, as well as telling about other sights that are also in this area.

Pala -U Waterfall

Pala-U Waterfall with 16 levels is a fantastic experience to go through the jungle about an hour from Hua Hin

Pala-U waterfall is a beautiful waterfall with 16 levels. Pala-U is located in Kaeng Krachan National Park, Thailand's largest nature reserve that stretches all the way west into Burma. The park is home to unspoiled rainforest with huge trees and many species of birds and mammals. On the way there, driving through the Thai countryside with farms and pineapple fields, you will have an amazing view of the mountains in the background towards Burma.Tropical jungle after passing the national park checkpoint, you enter the tropical jungle with beautiful scenery, huge boulders, countless colorful butterflies, tropical birds and monkeys. The area also has many Elephants, so be aware when driving.To get to the higher levels of the waterfall, one has to take a beautiful hike along the stream, stepping over rocks and roots of large trees, while enjoying the peaceful atmosphere of a forest in excellent condition full of sounds of birds and insects.

Near the park entrance is a fairly simple restaurant and picnic area.The Pala-U waterfall consists of 16 levels. While the climb to level five is fairly easy, the path above it is hard to discern and the climb becomes very challenging. To get to the highest levels you will have to climb over rocks and wade through pools and streams to continue on the path up. Real Estate Siam's employee will be happy to help with info if you are planning a trip.

JWS Motorsport Go Kart Track

JWS Motorsport Go Kart Track is located just north of Hua Hin. The course is 750 meters long. It is open every day.

Real Estate Siam's employee in the Hua Hin area is of course helpful with more information.

Kuri Buri National Park

Kuri Buri National Park Known to be the best place to see wild elephants in Thailand, here it is almost 99% certain that visitors will see wild elephants on any day of the year in the Kui Buri National Park wildlife area.

There are still approx. 320 protected wild elephants in this national park and you have the opportunity to see them come out to eat. There are also birds like Crested Fireback, Indian Roller and Asian Openbill bird or even Gaurs and Leopards.

Kui Buri National Park was established as a national park in 1999 and covers 969 km² in Prachuap Khiri Khan Province, about 85 km southwest of the popular tourist destination of Hua Hin.The Park Mountains are part of the Tenasserim Hills Range, which spans many protected areas in Thailand and Myanmar.

The park forest consists of dry and moist evergreen forests with trees such as Dipterocarpus tuberculatus, Hopea odorata, Terminalia chebula and various species of palms.

The park is the only place in Thailand where sandalwood can be harvested for the cremation of royal family members. Nine trees were felled for the cremation of King Bhumibol Adulyadej. A royal Brahmin spent a month selecting trees that meet royal criteria: they must be dead and over 100 years old.

Real Estate Siam's employee in the Hua Hin area is of course helpful with more information. And you can read more about Kui Buri here.

Pranburi Beachfront

Most people admire Pran Buri Beachfront for its cleanliness and tidiness. You won't find anyparasols or sunbeds in this public place. In the morning it is very pleasant to run and walk on the footpath.

Every evening/afternoon Food stalls are set up so that visitors and residents can enjoy a picnic with a view of the sea in the afternoon until the evening. The sellers and their customers help clean up after use.There is a fantastic atmosphere and most of the guests are Thai.

It's a great experience to drive along the entire beach, and there are lots of special sights to experience.

Finally, ask Real Estate Siam's employee if you want to hear more, or if you want a guided tour.