Gastronomy - Hua Hin area

Hua Hin there are countless good restaurants, from the large international restaurant chains to the absolutely fantastic small local Thai restaurants, whose skilled chefs will do their best to make your meal a really good and authentic Thai experience.

Hua Hin is particularly known for the many good fish restaurants, where you can enjoy all the good and delicious "seafood" from the sea's pantry. So if you love seafood, then Hua Hin is simply paradise. In Hua Hin there are restaurants and eateries that offer everything from traditional Thai food to both Italian, Indian and German-inspired restaurants with good steaks and everything that goes with a solid Western meal. And if you miss Denmark, there are also a couple of really good Danish restaurants in Hua Hin that offer everything from Danish morning bread, smørebrød and Danish roast pork etc.

In addition to the regular restaurants, of which there are many everywhere in Hua Hin, there are of course also, as in the rest of Thailand, a multitude of street kitchens that serve traditional Thai food. This can be a good, fast and even cheaper alternative than the more traditional restaurants. Try the traditional Tom Yam Goon soup if you want real Thai food..Use the term "Mai Pet" if it must not be too strong ;-)

Going to a restaurant in Hua Hin can be absolutely fantastic and, if you want, super cheap. In most cases, you will be able to enjoy a hearty meal incl. Beer for under 6,70 Euro per person and even cheaper if you choose to eat at one of the many street kitchens.

That it is so cheap to eat at a restaurant in Thailand should perhaps be kept in mind when the holiday budget is laid out before departure from home. It may well be that the plane ticket to Thailand is slightly more expensive than to the European holiday destinations, on the other hand, the cost of living is on a completely different level. Thailand is still a really cheap country to holiday in.

Real Estate Siam's employees in Hua Hin are always helpful with advice and guidance if you want help finding a good restaurant.

Danish Resturant

Jailhouse Resturant

In the center of Hua Hin there is

Jailhouse Restaurant

Resturant Jailhouse is Danish owned and operated for more than 22 years in the center of the Royal City of Hua Hin.

They prepare tasty Danish everyday dishes as well as smørebrød from fresh local ingredients.

And of course they also have a rich selection of dishes from Thailand's wonderful cuisine.

Every Sunday there is roast pork. Jailhouse also sells everything from Rye bread, French bread, liver pâté, sausage rolls etc.  See more on Jailhouse's Facebook

The Little Mermaid

The Danish restaurant Little Mermaid in Hua Hin is well equipped to provide the best of both worlds at a high standard with excellent results.

Whether you're looking for Pad Thai, Danish meatballs, ciabatta sandwiches, check out the wide selection of international entrees with Scandinavian classics or other refreshments.

The Little Mermaid's menu is varied, and there is plenty to choose from for every taste.

They also have Norwegian food and a menu.

You will find Little Mermaid in Soi 94. See more on their Facebook.

Thai Restaurants

Tao Lek Restaurant

Lovely family run restaurant with great Thai food.

Real local Thai restaurants whose skilled chefs will do their best to make your meal a really good and authentic Thai experience.

There is a very large selection of all the usual Thai dishes and a delicious soup for every bowl at no extra cost.

Food prices from 40 baht / DKK 

Tao Lek Resturant is close to Khao Taoreservoir. which is a fantastically beautiful area built of King Rama 9 1963. At the same time, you can also see the beautiful Wat Tham Khao Tao Temple. Read more on webside

Baan Tao Restaurant

Thai Restaurant with European influenceIt is a good quality of a Thai restaurant with European comfort and a dedicated family running it.

the quality is high. Raw materials are fresh.Very good selection of Thai food and enough international choices.

Good food and at very fair prices. Not a 5 star, but the prices certainly aren't either. (Try their Wienerschnitzel 110 bath for a small or 140 bath for a Large.

Easy parking with one car behind the restaurant.

The restaurant is open, but covered, so in case of rain no problem.   Link Facebook: Baan Tao Resturant

La Terrasse Hua Hin

Enjoy an evening with a view over the water and with good food and nice service.

If you want to taste delicious seafood and good authentic Thai food, you must visit La Terrasse. You sit on a pier out in the water and can hear the waves under your feet.

Link to website: La Terrasse Hua Hin

E-True Baan Suan Hua Hin

This place is a hidden gem. Because of its location, it may not be well known, but the food certainly makes it worth the distance.

The design of the place is very unique as it has the country feel which makes it very comfortable.

The place is very well maintained.

Sometimes live music is also played, which gives a fantastic atmosphere while you eat.

All food from the Isaan area is available here.

European Restaurants

Pizza Garden Hua Hin

Best pizza in Hua Hin. This is the pizza place in Hua Hin if you want a good pizza or also good Italian food.

Good prices and a very popular place to sit and eat. Good service. The older Italian man who makes a good rustic Italian feel.

Pollitos Rotteserie Hua Hin

Fantastic Rotteserie made of chicken with delicious potatoes and various sauces. an experience for everyone to try this place, who appreciate well prepared food and good service.

Can be described as Hua Hin's best chicken restaurant.

Link to Website:Pollitos Rotteserie

Monsoon Valley

Monsoon Valley is one of only 5 wineries in all of Thailand.

Plenty of exciting wines, which can be enjoyed at the winery's restaurant or taken home.

Beautifully located vineyard. Great food and wineIn very beautiful surroundings, good service.

It's a fantastic experience to sit and eat delicious food, and enjoy the beautiful view of the vineyards and the mountains while enjoying a really good glass of wine.

Located approx. 45 min. drive from Hua Hin.

Link to website: Monsoon Valley

Le bistrot de Paris 

Le bistrot de paris, Excellent quality food, authentic French.

Fixed menu prices.Large menu card, excellent selection of quality wine.

Good friendly service. It will certainly be worth a visit and a good experience for guests who like French cuisine and atmosphere.

Located in soi 94, which has become a very active area, with many restaurants.

Prime Steakhouse 

Prime Steakhouse More than just a restaurant.

Prime aims to provide a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere for everyone.

Enjoy one of the best dining experiences available in Hua Hin or just sit back and watch some sports and enjoy from their wide selection of beverages.

Whether you are looking for a romantic meal with a loved one or a large group of friends gathering for a party,

Prime in Hua Hin is a great choice.The menu offers everything from wagyu beef, imported fish, pasta, salad, desserts and other European specialties.They also offer the highest quality wines, a wide selection of beer, whiskey, cognac and champagne.

It is clear that Prime wants to deliver high quality food and service at reasonable prices.

Avatar Garden 

Avatar Garden, Lovely restaurant surrounded by a lovely tropical garden.

Friendly and service-minded owner and friendly staff who are always available if you need help.

Avatar Garden is tucked away in soi 73, where you can eat in peace and quiet. Serves Western and Thai food.

Competitive prices.

See more on their Facebook