Shopping in Hua Hin

Shopping in Hua Hin and surroundings. In Hua Hin there are a few large shopping malls. In addition, there are several centers around the Hua Hin area, so please contact Real Estate Siam and ask for what you are looking for. Read also about Real estate Siam's page about markets in the Hua Hin area.

Hua Hin Market Village

In the center of Hua Hin there is a large shopping center called Hua Hin Market Village. This shopping center is built according to Western standards and this is where you will find the international "concept stores" such as Lee, Levis and Lacoste, which sell clothes at a fraction of the prices you are used to seeing in Europe.On the ground floor there is a large food market, in addition there are plenty of restaurants in the centre Market Village was the first major shopping and entertainment complex in the seaside resort, it opened in February 2006.

Blueport Hua Hin

Bluport is a medium-sized shopping center, nicely decorated. Nice atmosphere, clean and tidy. Not very crowded and plenty of space in the corridors.

There are lots of quality shops and European standards. Plenty of places to eat in Bluport, so finally enjoy a good dinner here.