Transportation in Hua Hin

In and out

Bangkok is the nearest major airport from Hua Hin. From most country , there are several options for flying to the Thai capital. There is a direct route with Thai Air from Amsterdam, Helsinki, Istanbul, Doha, Copenhagen, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Istanbul or Dubai to name just a few.

From the airport in Bangkok, you can take a taxi to Hua Hin (about 2500 baht). It may be a good idea to book in advance.

Real Estae Siam's employee is happy to be available and will ensure you order a taxi.

From central Bangkok, any tour agency or hotel can arrange transport to Hua Hin for you - it's easy and safe. We can also arrange an airport transfer from the city center to the airport or to Hua Hin.There is also a bus from Bangkok to Hua Hin. At the time of writing, it runs from the station at Ekkamai in Bangkok and has a terminus in downtown Hua Hin.

From Khao San Road in Bangkok you can find small minibuses that are primarily aimed at backpackers. A one-way ticket with the minibuses costs only approx. 200 baht. The most expensive solution is to take the plane from Bangkok to the very small airport in Hua Hin.

Transportation in Hua Hin

In the center of Hua Hin, you can reach it mostly on foot, but as many hotels are outside the city, transport may be necessary. The easiest way is by taxi, tuk-tuk, or a so-called pig car, where you sit on the back of the barn.They cost the same, but remember to agree on the price before you drive.

Depending on how far you live from the city, a trip from the center should cost approx. 200-350 baht. Real Estate Siam's employee in Hua Hin is happy to help you find the right taxi for your needs and at a reasonable price.

The green pig cars are a kind of shared taxi that runs along the coastal road. They cost approx. 50 baht from the hotels south of Hua Hin into the center. Note that the vast majority of hotels outside the center have a shuttle bus for their guests, which usually runs back and forth between the hotel and Hua Hin at fixed times.Instead, you can hire a taxi for a day. Most drivers have a folder or board in their taxi with suggestions for where the trip should go. And otherwise you can read more here on our website, where holiday home Thailand has some suggestions for what you could experience. Experiences in Hua Hin.

Remember to agree a price in advance with a taxi, which can easily be haggled a little. There are many options for excursions from Hua Hin, e.g. The Floating Market, River Kwai, Bangkok and several national parks.